2024 - 8

09/07/2024Istio from A to YIstio is an open-source service mesh that allows you to connect, secure, control, and observe the services of an application. We will see how to install Istio, and how to use it to secure and monitor our services.
12/05/2024Awtrix Ulanzi + Domotic = ❤️Review of the Ulanzi TC001 with Awtrix 3 firmware and its integration with Home Assistant.
24/04/2024Falco from A to YLearn how to detect intrusions on your servers with Falco, a threat detection engine. We will see how to create our custom rules, deploy them on our machines, and visualize them in a web interface.
11/04/2024Yubikey and GPG: Securing Your Communications“Let’s discover together how to use GPG to secure your exchanges (files, emails, commits) and how to store your keys on a Yubikey for added security!”
27/03/2024ArgoCD from A to YIn this article, I provide you with a first definition of what GitOps is and how to implement it with ArgoCD in a Kubernetes environment.
26/02/2024Talos - An Immutable OS for KubernetesTalos is an operating system for Kubernetes. It is designed to be lightweight, secure, and easy to use. In this article, I will introduce Talos and its features.
15/02/2024Loki from A to YLoki is an open-source log management system designed by Grafana Labs. In this article, we will see how to install all the necessary components to use Loki and Promtail.
02/02/2024Vault from A to ZVault is a secret management tool developed by Hashicorp. It allows for secure storage and management of secrets. In this article, we will see how to use Vault to manage your application’s secrets.

2023 - 7

29/12/2023Creating your MicroVM cloud at home?“I constantly use virtual machines to test scripts, host services, perform deployment tests, etc. I usually use Proxmox in my lab, and Libvirt at work.
02/12/2023How to manage secrets in Kubernetes with Sealed-Secret“When deploying an application on Kubernetes, it may need secrets to function. But how to manage these secrets? How to store them? There are many solutions to manage secrets in Kubernetes, I will present one to you: Sealed-Secret.”
08/10/2023Prometheus from A to YPrometheus is a monitoring solution created by Soundcloud in 2012 and open-sourced in 2015. It is an essential tool that stands out through its integration with many unsupported third-party services.
08/07/2023Getting Started with TmuxTmux is a terminal multiplexer that allows you to create and control sessions. It is often used to run a command in the background and be able to close the terminal without stopping the process. Let’s see how to use it.
16/05/2023IPFS - A protocol for archiving and sharing filesThrough this page, you will discover what IPFS is and how to share your files so they become uncensorable and decentralized
31/03/2023Dagger.io, a Universal CIDagger.IO is a tool maintained by Solomon Hykes that allows you to create a local (or remote) CI that is not dependent on Yaml or a DSL.
08/03/2023Cert-ManagerCert-Manager is a program for managing certificates (including their renewals) on Kubernetes clusters. We will see how to deploy Cert-Manager and generate our first certificates.